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Top Ten Ways to…

March 27, 2011
College Is Cool

…Spend Spring Break in College.

1. GO TO MIAMI (or some really warm vacation spot…you’ve got to do it at least once!)

2. GO BACK HOME to see the family.  Its always great to catch up (plus they send you back with loads of food and few extra bucks.)

3. TAKE A CLASS! I took a 2 credit class, “Aids in Society,” during my senior year. I graduated on time with exactly 123 credits.

4. EXHALE.  You just passed your midterms. Actually, you got an ‘A’!

5. INHALE. Lol.  Time to dive back under those books and get an early start on studying for those final exams.

6. WORK. Why not make some money to take back to school for 2nd semester?  Ask your job about intermittent schedules.

7. STAY ON CAMPUS. I opted to stay on campus a few times. I avoided the stress of carrying 2 bags on the Greyhound.

8. INTERNSHIP. By far one of the best suggestions I could ever give. Get your feet wet and try a few things. Internships certainly helped me to start making connections.

9. ROAD TRIP.  Jump in the car spirit of the moment and just go! Its so much fun. Next stop…New York…ATL…Atlantic City…

10. VOLUNTEER. Team up with an organization and support their cause. Your efforts may also contribute to school credits.

Mo, Temple University, c/o 2006




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