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First Oprah, Now Magic Johnson and Diddy?!

February 21, 2012
College Is Cool

Even though Diddy did not graduate at Howard,it was at Howard that he realized his full potential and desire for wanting to be the mogul that he is now. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Earvin “Magic” Johnson will be hosts and owners of new cable channels which Comcast will launch,Diddy’s on 12-12-12 and Magic’s this summer.

“Johnson’s channel, Aspire, was created with GMC TV and will focus on programming that celebrates “the successes, achievements and accomplishments of the African-American community and create new opportunities for the next generation of African-American visionaries.” The channel, is set to debut this summer.

In true Diddy fashion he released a video to announce his new cable network “REVOLT.” He states it is the channel for all artists to express their talents in whatever way they feel. I smell some competition for MTV/BET/VH1. I like it and I definitely will be tuned in! Check out his video below:

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