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Angie Helps Philly Students ‘Place HBCUs in a Positive Light!’

November 28, 2011
College Is Cool

On Thursday, July 28th, 2 fellow counselors and I took a group of seniors from Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia on college visit trips to Howard University in Washington, DC and Bowie State University in Bowie, MD.  I honestly cannot say all of our students were exactly thrilled to go.  A large majority of our students are born and raised in urban-city Philadelphia, feeling as though they have already had the “Black experience.”  Being a proud, Black woman and Howard University aluma (BIIIIIISON!), I am constantly speaking highly of HBCUs; yet, certain areas have left a bad taste in the mouths of focused, college-bound, Black youth, leaving exceptional, renowned Historically Black Colleges and Universities stereotyped.  After a forum and tour at Howard, some of our students were impressed by the high levels of intellect and ambition; others were not.  On our way to DC, I gave an old friend and fellow HU alumna, “Angie Ange on the miiiiic” and College Is Cool, Inc. a call, who agreed to meet my students that day at Bowie State University.  C.I.C. spoke about the wealth of culture, rich history, priceless experiences and endless opportunities available at HBCUs.  After about 30 minutes, my students did not want to leave!  They were ready to start college at that moment!  I’ve known Angie Ange for some time now, but never have I been this impressed.  Not only did C.I.C. get my students pumped about college, they were able to place HBCUs in a positive light!  I was emotionally that the stigma among my students was being broken, and I was proud that HBCU alumni have come together to encourage our youth and renew the spirit of college across the nation.  Thank you, Angie Ange and College Is Cool for impacting my students!

 LaToya G. Coley (nee Goodall)

School Counselor/Internship Coordinator

Howard University Class of 2006

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