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December 6, 2009
College Is Cool

FROM SOUTHEAST DC…BALLOU SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL!…CONGRATS MARCHING KNIGHTS!..they also won trophies for Best Marching, and they won the battle of the Dancers!, and video coming soon! are a few pics of Angie Ange from 93.9wkys hanging out in the gym before the show began…as you can tell she likes to play around!Angie Ange and the Drum Major Award

during run throughs in the gym at Wise..just messing around

during run throughs in the gym at Wise..just messing around


  1. Angie-Ang…you did it once again!!!! It was a great production and kudos to all the participating bands. Me and my family really enjoyed ourselves. I also wanted to point out that Ballou also won the Best Drum Major. Keep doing what you are doing as it was a huge success.

  2. Hi Angie-Ang..What’s taking so long to get the footage/video uploaded. Can’t wait to see the band performance.. AGAIN!!… It was nice of Bowie State and Howard to set up tables, but what a motivation it would have been if either college would have brought along their drum major or drum line. That would have knocked the socks off everybody. Ballou is in a league of its’ own as far as high school bands and performances. What happenened to the other half of Weiss’s band. I thought other high schools were going to perform i.e., Largo, Flowers, Suitland, Eastern, High Point??? What? scared of a little competition. All in all your production was top notch. Thanks for inviting us!!!

  3. We Da Best 2 YEARS IN A ROW!!!!!!!!! BMMK!

  4. I was proud of all the schools! Job Well Done!

    Shout outs to HU and BSU for being in the house as well!

    Don’t forget to Support Music Education!

    (all together) Angie Ange You Da Best!

  5. yeah i give ballou there props i am a bass drummer from friendship and i wanna say that yall did a hell of a job at battle of the bands but everybody know we the real knights (blue & gold)

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