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88 Surefire Tips for Succeeding in College | Part One: Seize the Day

September 4, 2011
College Is Cool

  1. Take responsibility for your own learning. You’re not in high school anymore. Everyone in college is there to learn because they want to, not just to pass because they have to. There are a lot of opportunities for learning in college, often times outside the classroom. Take advantage of every opportunity you can.
  2. Appreciate your time in college. You’ll never again have so many opportunities with so few responsibilities.
  3. Take risks. College isn’t just about getting good grades. It is a time to learn more about the world and yourself. Branch out and take risks. Try something new. Meet newfriends.
  4. Expand your horizons. Classes do not have to only focus on your major or what is best for your future career. Try taking some elective classes in other subjects.
  5. Set goals. Every term, reset your goals to keep you motivated and give you something to work toward.
  6. Consider your personal interests when choosing your major. Don’t just choose a major because of what the current job market is like or because it’s what your friends or family members are doing. Choose a program that interests you and that you will enjoy studying.
  7. Take some major courses as early as you can. If you can take a course within your major your freshman year, do so. You may learn that you want to switch majors. It’s best to learn this as soon as you can.
  8. Go abroad. Most colleges offer some type of study abroad program. You may be able to attend classes for a semester or year in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, or South America. Get to know the requirements for these programs early on so you can plan accordingly. Check out

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